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Should you buy chloroquine (Aralen) to prepare for Coronavirus (COVID-19)?

Information about Coronavirus, its prevention, treatment and cures. Also where to buy chloroquine online.

For the purpose of this article the terms Coronavirus and COVID-19 will be used interchangeably as they mean the same thing.

Can Coronavirus be cured?

Coronavirus, like all viral infections such as the common flu, can be cured by your body’s own immune system that creates antibodies (immunoglobulin) to eradicate the virus from your body.

However for the immune system to kick in you must first be infected with the virus. Only then can our body’s immune system come to recognise the new enemy and develop antibodies to eradicate it.

Are you are concerned about yourself or loved ones becoming infected with COVI-19?  Your best steps in the short-term is boosting your immune system. The taking of Vitamin D is generally considered an immune system booster, especially if you are in areas where exposure to natural sunlight is restricted.

Coronavirus vaccine

This is how vaccines work. Vaccines are developed from creating a mild form of the virus and then injecting the patient before they come into contact with the more aggressive type making the rounds. In reaction the body’s immune system creates an antibody to the vaccine . This antibody will in turn protect the host from the more dangerous virus.

For this reason, vaccines can sometimes cause the recipient to feel ill for a spell. This is a necessary step in making oneself immune from the disease.

There are a number of laboratories working on creating an effective vaccine to Coronavirus, or COVID-19 as it is now being called. Whether any of these vaccines will be effective combating the disease or when they will be widely available is unknown. When an effective vaccine can be made available to the public it would be safe to say that Coronavirus can be stopped.

Drugs to treat COVID-19

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Aralen (chloroquine)

As stated above, only the immune system can cure Coronavirus infection. This is why it is important to maintain a healthy immune system before infection.

However, there are a number of drugs that have shown promising results in treating the symptoms of Coronavirus.  These drugs cannot cure the disease once infected. They can however give relief from the symptoms that COVID-19 can cause.

The 3 Coronavirus treatment drugs currently being used to combat the symptoms of Coronavirus are one is a drug previously used to treat malaria called chloroquine.

The other 2 drugs are used in combination, 1 is a combination of an anti-HIV drugs – lopinavir and ritonavir. The other, used in conjunction with the anti-HIV drugs is a treatment for flu oseltamivir (brand name Tamiflu).

So can chloroquine cure Coronavirus?

A number of studies indicate that Chloroquine is an effective medication in both the prevention and symptoms of COVID-19. Although developed as a anti-malarial and autoimmune disease medication, recent tests have shown it to be also an effective anti-viral drug.

Although the Chloroquine drug is far from an established and officially sanctioned method of both preventing and treating the symptoms of Coronavirus, initial tests and research look promising.

Where to buy Chloroquine?

aralen chloroquine tabletThere are only a few locations where people can buy Chloroquine tablets. Given the disruption in global delivery supply chains and increasing demand for Chloroquine medicine, supplies and availability are running out fast.

Click the link below to see if any Chloroquine tablets to buy online still available. If available, it is generally sold under its brand name Aralen.

Aralen (Chloroquine) tablets

Chloroquine phosphate is for sale is some high street chemists in the UK and drugstores in the US. However a prescription is required to buy chloroquine over the counter. Given the increasing pressures that the CLOVID-19 outbreak is having on doctors and other essential medical staff, we do not advise people to seek a prescription. Better to buy Chloroquine online and allow doctors to concentrate on those already infected.