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How vadenafil HCL was discovered

Origins of Levitra

What is Levitra

Levitra is an erectile dysfunction medication like other ED pills. It is composed of vardenafil hydrochloride usually abbreviated to vadenafil HCL. It is a PDE5 inhibitor and works in much the same way as other PDE5 inhibitors helping men achieve erections when sexually stimulated.

Who manufactures Levitra®?

Bayer Levitra pillLevitra® is the product of pharmaceutical giant Bayer, a German company most well known for its much used Asprin as a pain reliever. Brand name Levitra® is a yellow pill with the recognisable Bayer cross on its face.  The marketing of Levitra® is a joint effort between Bayer and another Big Pharma conglomerate GlaxoSmithKline.

Where is Levitra manufactured?

Only Bayer and GlaxoSmithKline market Levitra® in partnership. However, now that the patent has expired, a wide range of pharmaceutical manufacturers around the world manufacture and make available generic Levitra. Production is most concentrated in India.

Who owns Levitra?

Bayer owns the patent on Levitra. But since the patent has expired it would be true to say that no none owns Levitra. It is an popular erectile dysfunction medication that anyone can own if they are willing to purchase it in pill form.

What is Levitra made of?

Levitra consists of vardenafil hydrochloride, usually just referred to as vardenafil. This is the active ingredient of Levitra. Vardenafil ids a PDE5 inhibitor like sildenafil (Viagra) and tadalafil (Cialis). It’s slight chemical difference to the 2 other popular PDE5 inhibitors is what makes Levitra different.

Which Levitra should you take?

As noted above, Levitra is composed of vardenafil. This is the same for brand name Levitra® and generic Levitra. In this respect it matters not which Levitra you take, the result will be the same. The main difference is one of price and availability. Generic Levitra is available at a considerably lower price range than Levitra®. It is also available at many drug stores and online.

Mind you, Levitra is a drug aimed solely at overcoming erectile dysfunction. It does not help men last longer of delay ejaculation. A popular medication designed to prevent premature ejaculation is dapoxetine commonly sold as Priligy.

effects of vardenafil

What Levitra does

Will Levitra make me bigger?

To answer the question whether Levitra will make erections larger, the answer is maybe. The drug itself is not designed to increase the size of the penis when erect but simply to allow a greater flow of blood to the penis when sexually aroused. This may have the effect of producing a larger than normal erection in some men but is far from guaranteed.

Does Levitra help premature ejaculation?

As noted above, Levitra is designed to alleviate erectile dysfunction, not premature ejaculation. For those men who suffer from the effects of both ED and PE, there are pills that combine both Levitra and dapoxetine, a PE prevention cure.

Will expired Levitra work?

There have not been enough studies to determine the date when Levitra no longer becomes effective. The rule of thumb expiry date is 2 years after manufacture. Anecdotal evidence suggests that provided you keep the pills in a cool and dark place then their effectiveness may last for many years. There are no reports of negative effects from taking Levitra after is expiry date.

Can I take Levitra with food?

One of the more popular features of Levitra is that you can take food with it and it can still work effectively. However there are 2 things to note. First that the effect of Levitra may be slower to activate on a full stomach. Secondly, the presence of fatty food and also diminish the the effectiveness of vardenafil. In other words, if you plan to take Levitra on a full stomach of fatty foods you may want to increase the dose and wait a little longer for its effects to kick in.

Is Levitra better with or without food?

For those men who feel oversensitive to Levitra causing mild headaches or flushing, the effects may be moderated and approved by eating some food before taking a dose. This would delay the effects a bit but it might also help suppress any negative symptoms. In this case it would be better to take Levitra after a meal rather than before it.Another option would be to reduce the dose taken, say from 20mg to 10mg of vardenafil.

Can I take Levitra daily?

Yes Levitra can be taken daily. Vardenafil is completely removed from the body around 12 hours after taking. Therefore,if you wich to pursue penetrative sexual activity after 12 hours of taking a dose of Levira you will need to take another dose. This should not cause any negative effects.

Is it okay to drink alcohol and take Levitra?

Alcohol does not appear to deteriorate the effectiveness of Levitra. In fact, a small amount of alcohol when taking Levitra may help increase its speed of effectiveness. Having said that, excessive alcohol consumption does reduce sexual proclivities. Levitra is not intended to nor will it make up for this fact. So in short, moderate alcohol consumption and Levitra should work well together, but excessive drinking will debilitate your performance in bed, Levitra or no Levitra.

What does Levitra do to a woman?

Studies have shown that Levitra has little to no effect on women. It neither changes their mood nor does it effect they body’s sexual response mechanism. Levitra, like all other ED pills based on PDE5 inhibitors, onlt effects men.

When is the best time to take Levitra?

Levitra becomes effective usually around 20 to 40 minutes after ingestion. It can take up to a full hour or more on a full stomach. The best time to take Levitra is therefore around 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. It matters not what time of day that is. You should take Levitra to fit into your own personal schedule and plans.

Is Levitra okay for daily use?

One can use Levitra without negative effects. This is because vardenafil completely disperses from the body within 24 hours at most, usually sooner. Taking Levitra daily should enable one to engage in full penetrative sex daily without negative effects from the drug alone.

When does Levitra peak?

The full effects of vardenafil peaks around 1 to 2 hours after ingesting. Some men experience the effects up to 10 to 12 hours. However its peak effectiveness is in the 1 to 3 hour range. Stomach contents and alcohol consumption will also effect the Levitra peak time.

How long does Levitra require to take effect?

On average it takes around 30 minutes for Levitra to take effect. This will vary slightly depending on one’s body weight, physical fitness and stomach contents prior to taking Levitra. Some men experience a much faster reaction to vardenafil – as little as 15 minutes after taking in some cases. Others may need to wait longer than 30 minutes. The best way to discover how long it takes for Levitra to work for you is to experiment.

generic ED pills

Generic Levitra

Generic Levitra is now widely available and its sales and use far exceeds brand name Levitra®. This discrepancy in sales is largely due to the fact that generic Levitra, despite being identical in chemical composition and effects, is far cheaper than the brand name version and more widely available. Understandably men prefer to buy Levitra and save money at the same time provided the quality of the medication is comparable.

When did the Levitra patent expire?

The patent on Levitra expired at different times in different countries. India, for example, does not recognise drug patents. They produced generic Levitra from the get go. In the US the patent was due to expire in 2018 although there have been a number of Big Pharma lawsuits trying to extend the patent protection racket.

When will Levitra be available in generic form?

Regardless of jurisdictions and legal wrangling, generic Levitra has been available for a number of years now. Sometimes sold as Vardenafil, sometimes as generic Levitra, but it amounts to the same thing. If you want to order Levitra in generic form see our Buy Levitra section below.

vardenafil doses explained

Levitra dosage

You can get Levitra in 4 main doses – 5mg, 10mg, 20mg and 40mg


5mg of vardenafil is the smallest dose available. It may me sufficient for men who are very sensitive to the effects of vardenafil or those who do not suffer erectile dysfunction to any larger degree.


10mg Levitra (vardenafil) is on the lower end of widely used and recommended doses. It should be sufficient with men who suffer only mild ED.


20mg is the standard dose for Levitra. It is equivalent to the standard dose of Cialis (20mg tadalafil) or the standard dose of Viagra (50mg sildenafil).


Levitra 40mg is a high dose and is most taken by men who suffer extreme ED. It is also ordered by people who split the pill into two 20mg doses. This is a much cheaper way to buy Levitra.

Side effects of Levitra

Levitra is a widely used ED medication that also come with some non-life threatening side effects for some users. The side effects such as slight distortion in vision, a sense of feeling bloated, and mild headaches are all temporary in nature and disappear when the effects of Levitra wears off (4 to 8 hours).

Levitra and blood pressure

PDE5 inhibitor vardenafil is the active ingredient of Levitra. PDE5 inhibitors were first developed as a new drug to lower blood pressure. However when researchers discovered that PDE5 inhibitors helped men overcome ED more than lower their blood pressure, they chose to release it as an erectile dysfunction treatment was initiated.

Although Levitra does not have enough effect on blood pressure for it to marketed as a hypertension medication, if it has any effect on blood pressure it will be to lower it slightly. For this reason, people who suffer hypo-tension (very low blood pressure) or who are on a blood pressure lowering nitrate-based drug should not to take Levitra less it  lowers one’s blood pressure too much.

Hence it is fair to comment that is little to no possibility that taking Levitra will raise blood pressure.

Contrary to some rumours, Levitra does not raise blood sugar, cause heart palpitations, cause nose bleeds or blood in urine or heart attacks. That’s not to say that this could never happen, but these symptoms are not associated with taking vardenafil in any form.

Comparing Levitra with Viagra and Cialis

Levitra compared with other ED pills

Which is best Levitra Viagra or Cialis?

Although all 3 of the erectile dysfunction medication are considered effective temporary cures for ED, which is best depends on the person taking them. You may find one of these ED pills better than the others while someone else prefer another ED pill. The best way to discover which pill works best for you is to try a combination pack consisting of Levitra, Viagra and Cialis samples.

Observable differences between Levitra, Viagra and Cialis

Levitra starts to work in 20 to 40 minutes reaches peak effectiveness in 60 to 90 minutes and becomes ineffective 10 to 12 hours after ingestion. On average, sufficient effectiveness of Levitra will last up to 8+ hours.

Viagra starts to work in 15 to 35 minutes reaches peak effectiveness in 45 to 75 minutes and becomes ineffective 8 to 10 hours after ingestion.

Cialis starts to work in 25 to 45 minutes reaches peak effectiveness in 60 to 90 minutes and becomes ineffective 24 to 36 hours after ingestion. Cialis is less effected by the presence of  fatty foods than Viagra or Levitra.

On a side not, Levitra has a reputation of helping create the hardest and largest erections, although this of course does not work for everyone. In this respect, Levitra compares favourably to Cialis and Viagra.

Levitra, Viagra and Cialis strength compared

With regards to strength, it depends on the dosage taken. 20m of Levitra gives roughly the same strength as 50mg of Viagra or 20mg of Cialis.

Where to buy Levitra

Where to buy Levitra

Where can I buy Levitra?

There are no shortage of places where you can buy Levitra these days. Many high street pharmacies sell generic Levitra as well as brand name Levitra. However, you must have a doctor’s prescription and the prices are usually very high.

If you prefer privacy and cost savings, buying straight from a pharmaceutical laboratory via and online pharmacy makes the most sense.

Can I purchase Levitra over the counter?

There are a few select pharmacies in the UK and USA where you can buy Levitra over the counter. However, you need a doctor’s prescription for purchase and the prices are extremely high.

For example at Lloyd’s Pharmacy £12 a 10mg tablet for brand name Levitra and £5.63 a 10mg tablet of generic Levitra.  The price of Levitra at Superdrug is £8+ per 10mg tablet, up to £11 per tablet for 4)

Well known UK chemist Boots does not sell Levitra. They do however sell Viagra Connect over the counter.

Best place to buy Levitra for price, privacy and security

For the best deals and privacy it pays to order Levitra online. Reputable online pharmacies deal directly with the manufacturers cutting out the many layers of middlemen in the pharmaceutical industry.

Stories of counterfeit drugs and other scams are widely exaggerated in the media in no doubt due to their need to please their Big Pharma sponsors. Of course due diligence is advised when selecting an online pharmacy to do business. Things to look out for include:

  • a secure website,
  • encrypted payment processes,
  • and a short but comprehensive questionnaire about your health and medications you may be taking prior to approving your order.

If any of these 3 elements are lacking do not complete the order. (The health questionnaire usually comes after executing payment but before payment is accepted and the order dispatched.)

There are also price comparison sites where you can view the current prices for drugs such as Levitra. All online pharmacies listed are vetted for compliance with regulations and a satisfied customer base.

Click this link to view Levitra price comparisons for the USA

Click this link to view Levitra price comparisons for the UK

These pharmacies sell in multiple currencies and ship worldwide. Most of the generic medications are sourced from India, the generic drug powerhouse of the world.