Coronavirus treatments

Treatments for Coronavirus are still available to buy online

coronavirus treatments

Although there is no cure for Coronavirus other than ones natural immune system, there are a number of Coronaviurs treatments to reduce symptoms you can purchase online.

Some of these treatments may be available over the counter if you have a doctor’s prescription. However, given the high demand for doctors to deal with the Coronavirus outbreak, don’t contact your doctor unless it is an emergency.

A more responsible approach is to buy Coronavirus treatments online as a form of insurance and safeguard.

Treatments to prevent Coronavirus

Chloroquine (Aralen)

aralen tabletAlthough this drug is used in the treatment of malaria, case studies have shown that Chloroquine tablets can also be effective in preventing the onset of Coronavirus and its symptoms.

Although not officially endorsed by the FDA, its use in both preventing and treating COVID-19 is gaining wider appreciation and acceptance.

Lopinavir and Ritonavir (Kaletra)

kaletra pillLopinavir and Ritoavir are 2 drugs combined that has been successfully use to treat HIV. These aniti-HIV medications are proving to be successful in treating and reducing the symptoms of CLOVID-19, a.k.a. Coronavirus.

They may not cure Coronavirus. But they can reduce its effects Coronavirus. This reduces the serious consequences of infection.

The standard dose is Lopinavir 200mg and Ritoavir 50mg taken together. Now available in a single pill called Kaletra.

Given the increasing demand for this drug as the Coronavirus infection rates expand daily, it it getting increasingly difficult to secure supplies of Kaletra.

We have only managed to source one online pharmacy that still have supplies available. You can purchase Kaletra online (or see if it is still available) form the link below.

Kaletra online

Oseltamivir (Tamiflu)

tamiflu capsuleAlong with Kaletra, doctors in Thailand have been treating Coronavius patients with the antiviral drug oseltaivir, commonly sold as Tamiflu.

Although not considered a ‘cure’ for Coronavirus infection, using Tamiflu and Kaletra toigether has assisted people in recovering faster with less symptoms. Conditions of patients have quickly improved under this 3 drug combination.

As a standard procedure to treat the virus infection, the approach so far seems promising. It is still awaiting official approval however.

As with Kaletra discussed above, an increasing number of people are taking the precautionary principle and buying up Tamiflu while stocks last. This would seem to be a prudent approach. Experts predict an overloading of medical services in the coming weeks. The growth of infection rates is almost certain. Not everyone who acquires coronavirus will be able to access medical help.

There is an increasing disruption in global supply chains. Stocks running low on many medications. However, we have managed to source one online pharmacy that is making Tamiflu available at a reasonable price. Click the link below to view and order.

Tamiflu online