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Before you buy Viagra, get the facts about the “little blue pill”

A lot of people buy Viagra without knowing much about this popular ED medication. It pays to learn a bit about this drug before making a first purchase. That way, you will not only know how to use Viagra correctly but you could also save yourself a lot of money in the process.

Viagra pillWhere was Viagra invented?

A lot of people ask how was Viagra first discovered. Viagra was first discovered in Swansea Wales in 1998. During trials for a blood pressure lowering drug, Sildenafil citrate, a number of the male subjects reported experiencing penile erections. Although Sildenafil has some beneficial attributes to combat hypertension, it is more useful as an erectile dysfunction cure. Viagra is the market name for Sildenafil, also affectionately called ‘the little blue pill’.

Who invented Viagra?

A Dr Simon Campbell is credited with the initial design of Viagra. While he worked for Pfizer he wrote the research paper that led to the testing of Sildenafil as a candidate for lowering blood pressure. (The original purpose for Viagra was a new drug to lower blood pressure.) Hence he is known as the man who discovered or invented Viagra. In 2015 Dr Campbell received a knighthood for his outstanding work as a chemist. He no longer works for Big Pharma and has since warned of dire consequences of large scale mergers in the pharmaceutical industry.

So who owns Viagra?

pfizer logoThe patent on Viagra is owned by Pfizer. They marketed Sildenafil as Viagra since the late 1990’s although the patent has now expired. This means that any pharmaceutical manufacturer can produce and distribute generic Viagra although Pfizer retains the copyright of the name Viagra. So at the end of the day, the people who own Viagra are the people who buy it.

How Viagra works

Erections occur when sexual stimulation triggers a release of nitric oxide in the penis. This in turn results in cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP) activating to promote increased blood flow and harder erections.This process is often sabotaged by the presence of another compound called phosphodiesterase type 5 (PDE5), particularly as men age. Sildenafil inhibits the production of PDE5 inhibitor allowing natural erections to occur.

What this means is that Viagra does not cause erections. It simply blocks one of the main causes that prevents erections from occurring. If you are not sexually stimulated, taking Viagra will have no beneficial effect. However, given the fact that millions of men have experienced a significant improvement to perform penetrative intercourse after taking Viagra demonstrates that this erectile dysfunction medication is both effective and beneficial.

When does the patent for Viagra expire?

When Viagra was first approved by the FDA and made available to the market, Pfizer owned the patent. All patents have expiry dates however and Viagra was no exception. The expiry of the patent depended on which country you lived. India, for example does not recognize drug patents so it produces and distributes generic Viagra worldwide. In the UK the patent on Viagra ceased to exist in 2013. USA was the last country where the patent expired. The patent expired in 2020.

What is the significance of patent expiry?

Simply put, when a patent on a drug expires, it means that manufacturers can produce and distribute generic versions. This usually results in a significant lowering of the price. Generic Viagra is now available worldwide at a small fraction of the cost of Viagra®. You can now purchase generic Viagra online for less than a dollar a pill. Formerly Viagra® could cost $10 or more a pill. The availability of generic Viagra has now made this infamous ED pill affordable to far more men than before.

What is the difference between Viagra® and generic Viagra?

generic Viagra pillThe main difference is one of patent, trademark and cost. There may also be a slight difference in shape, color and size of the pills. The main ingredient, Sildenafil, is the same, and so is the effect. As noted above, the fact that generic Viagra costs far less that branded Viagra® means that more people buy and use this variant of ED medication. Many pharmaceutical laboratories will manufacture both branded and generic versions of the same drug for different clients. The quality of the drug itself remains consistent.

How common is fake Viagra on the Internet?

Despite a lot of scary media stories warning people about the dangers of buying drugs online, the incidence of fake Viagra is actually quite low to be virtually non-existent. The reason that is the case is twofold:

  • First the main expense in manufacturing and distributing generic Viagra or fake Viagra is essentially the same. It is not the ingredients that form the bulk of the cost but the physical process of producing the pill, packaging, shipping and marketing. There is little financial incentive to produce fake Viagra over genuine generic Viagra.
  • Secondly, profits from drug manufacturers and distributors come largely from repeat sales. Marketing and distributing fake Viagra is a sure way to kill profits fast. There is far more profit in selling effective Viagra that results in a repeat customer base than flogging fake pills.

Can you buy Viagra without a doctor prescription?

Generally speaking you can legally buy Viagra online without a subscription. However, all good online pharmacies need to quality you before they approve an order. This is usually a series of questions to answer during checkout. The questions concern one’s current state of health, and medications one may be currently taking. A medical specialist will look over your answers and either approve of disapprove of your order. This usually only takes a few minutes.

What is Viagra Connect?

Viagra Connect is is a marketing scheme for generic Viagra in the UK. Viagra Connect tablets are simply generic Viagra tablets available OTC (over the counter) from pharmacies in the UK. It is promoted as the first method to buy Viagra in the UK without a prescription. It does however require a consultation with a pharmacist prior to making a purchase. For a more detailed discussion of this program see Viagra Connect UK . Viagra Connect supplies Viagra tablets with 50mg of Sildenafil considered to be a reasonable compromise between 25mg and the higher 100mg tablets widely available online.

Viagra dosages and strength recommendations

Sildenafil is the active ingredient of Viagra. Different Viagra pills have varying levels of this PDE5 inhibitor. A common dosage is Viagra with 100mg of Sildenafil. Nevertheless, 50mg is sufficient for most men. For those men sensitive to the effects of Sildenafil, they can buy Viagra 25mg pills.

Some manufacturers produce 200mg Viagra. That’s a very high dose. It’s for those men suffering severe erectile dysfunction. Due to significant cost savings, some men may order the higher strength Viagra and then use in potions over time rather than take the whole dose.

Another factor in determining the appropriate dosage is stomach content. The absorption rate and effectiveness of Sildenafil is much higher on an empty stomach then if taken with a meal. Higher doses of Viagra may be necessary if eating a meal at the same time to achieve the same effect when taking Viagra on am empty stomach.

What are some of the dangers of taking Viagra?

Although there are a number of reported side-effects from taking Viagra, bad reactions are relatively few in number considering the millions of men who use this ED cure daily. The main side effect is distorted vision and headaches.

There are few if any reports of serious injury or death from using Viagra. If you experience distorted vision (often with a bluish tinge) when using Viagra then that is a sign that you are very sensitive to Sildenafil and you might want to decrease the dosage or strength. Another option is to buy Cialis, composed of ED cure Tadalafil. (This is because Tadalafil is a PDE5 inhibitor, like Sildenafil, but unlike Sildenafil does not inhibit PDE11 which is associated with sight.)

Is it safe to buy Viagra online?

Although official figures are not available, the vast majority of men who buy Viagra regularly order it online. The two reasons for this are cost and discretion.

Buy Viagra online for home delivery in discreet packaging. You can do this for a fraction of the price of generic Viagra sold at the drugstore or chemists. When you buy Viagra online you cut out the middlemen and the associated costs with running a bricks and mortar pharmacy.

Also, many men still feel a stigma around erectile dysfunction disorders and would prefer to avoid the embarrassment of discussing these issues face to face. Given the enormity of online Viagra sales, and the importance of curating a repeat customer base, most people buy Viagra from an online pharmacy. It is a well-established, safe and acceptable practice.

To get an idea of online prices for Viagra in the UK take a look at Viagra tablets UK or if you are coming from North America, Viagra pills USA.

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